Bend but do not break.

A letter from the desk of Sasha Karabut;

Gold Coast QLD.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Sasha here, I founded my company PushPeak in 2018, after almost 3 years of struggling, living beyond my means and pretending landed me in huge amounts of pain. Physically, mentally and emotionally…

Going beyond broke, and not having a home to go to for months drove me to the point of despair and apathy.

I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit, I wanted to throw in the towel and “START OVER”

This is not a video game Sasha… *Said the voice in my head* 

Going beyond broke, and not having a home to go to for months drove Sasha to the point of despair and apathy.

i got 137k debt trying to look rich

Fast forward a few short years and I own 3 companies, several properties and lead a team of people who are all motivated, inspired and driven to create profoundly better lives for themselves and all the customers and clients we serve.

You see, oftentimes people “fail” in life not by lack of their own poor decisions or a dearth of desire. But more often its failure, due to spending most of their life in a makeshift attempt at pleasing and “fitting the mould” of what others around them would have them be.

I did this for years, it caused me nothing but grief.

PushPeak is built around taking you, right now, on your perpetual journey of growth.

Now this is where you decide what comes next…

A.) Go back to what you’re doing now, and continue to wonder what it would be like to live life, like you truly deserve, the life you owe to your family and all the people who are dear to you…
B.) Embrace that little tightening in your chest, lean in to the uncertainty and unknown, step into the void and find out what you’re made of…
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