How To Get Your Priorities Straight

Looking to be the absolute best? 

When you’re trying to succeed at something your approach should always be the same.  Why waste your time ‘going small’ and ignoring all the other things you could be doing and actually do what you SHOULD be doing? It’s important to recognise that not all things are of equal importance, and to prioritise the things that matter most. 

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I soon realised that I can’t do everything – although I had the confidence to know that I could do ANYTHING that I put my mind to. I felt like I was being pulled in every direction.  

Managing the overwhelm of emails, keeping clients happy and ensuring that everything else that comes along the way is definitely something that pushed me to my limits.

But as my business grew from working in my bedroom at home to having a full-fledged company with staff – I’ve grown an idea into one product that serves the needs of myriads.  By not chasing side projects, my people understand that it’s important to be dedicated to the same goal, product, and vision.


Here's how...

Keep it simple

I have a system in place for productivity. If things get complicated, you’ll make the mistake of spending too much time on systems, rather than get any ACTUAL work done.  My calendar is segmented into different areas and groups of tasks throughout the day.  

End of day overview

If today were to be over, what would be the most important things for today to be successful?  If you can answer that, then you’ve got your list for the day! EASY!


Staying focused on the task at hand is key – no distractions as you’ll be jumping from one task to the next and nothing gets achieved. Combined with the above End of Day Overview – you’ll be smashing tasks out in no time!




This has been such a useful tool when it comes to organising tasks and getting shit done. 

I highly recommend…

This quadrant is pretty self-explanatory. 

Anything pressing or urgentDO.  

Anything that doesn’t have any value or is a total distractionDELETE.  

Everything else in-between can either be scheduled or delegated.

Plan Around Times of Focus

Plan and prioritise particular tasks around times in the day where you feel your level of focus and energy are best suited. If you’re feeling fresh and focused in the morning, then start the first couple of hours smashing out some projects that are important and require your full attention.

But I know that if I feel sluggish after lunch, I’ll allocate time to respond to my emails and communications. Then when I’m in a creating and innovative mindset, I’ll plan out new projects or strategies for the business in the afternoon.

Try experimenting with segmenting your week and see what best suits you.  The main thing is to be productive and get you that one step closer to your goal.

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