Operation Expansion

If you’re anything like me you started your business through sheer necessity…

Rewind a few short years and I was struggling to make ends meet, I couldn’t make sense of the system, the way that I thought about money and opportunity just didn’t fit into the model that society was constructing for me.

I tried the conventional model, went through countless jobs and kept getting smacked in the face with the same soul crushing feeling “Im worth more than this”

Have you ever felt that before?

I tried the corporate ladder and after managing several multi million dollar construction projects ranging from 25M to 100M I realised that the corporate hierarchy didn’t take kindly to your pay packet. Feeling even more deflated than before, I looked for other options.

After much back and forth and despite friends, family and all close people advising me otherwise… I quit, left the safety, left the security and left it all for the pursuit of what lay deep in the abyss of the unknown, hanging on that one feeling; I deserve more…

That drove me, beyond all doubt and fear to launch my first business that rapidly scaled to over 7 figures in the first 18 months.

Since then, I have gone on to build my business, PushPeak on the same values, morals and core beliefs that radically changed me, my approach to business and the results that I’ve achieved personally as well as, for my clients. 

Operation Expansion is essentially the distillation of all of the core constituents that have made and built my success.

This Operation has leveraged the connections and network that have been built around Sasha and PushPeak.

These values summarise the fundamentals that constitute “Operation Expansion”

If you want to surround yourself with 7 figure earners, grow and network with some of the best minds in the nation, have the rolodex that will be worth hundreds of millions in just a few years time, and ultimately scale your company to 8 figures and beyond…

This may be just for you.

Each quarter Sasha opens spaces for Operation Expansion. In essence this means he will be calling you personally, and inviting you for a meeting to discuss

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