Want to Partner with Sasha?

Partnership is an interesting word…

Business is often done alone, the lone wolf they say right?

Well it doesn't need to be that way, there are overlaps in industries and areas of business all the time, whether its a real estate deal that needs more capital, a sales organisation that is looking for more highly trained sales individuals, a team that is lacking performance and mindset… or simply a high level CEO that is lacking the right support to deliver to their staff.

Collaboration creates strength, when executed and integrated into both existing parties businesses in a way that provides value, revenue and growth.. That is the premise of a true

“Win - Win”

If you have an idea, a strategy or a business model that you think Sasha could be part of, invest in, support or give value to…

I’d like to welcome you to submit an application to speak with Sasha personally.

Applications will be reviewed and if you meet the criteria, Sasha’s assistant will reach out to you and organise a time to discuss details over a zoom meet.

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