Are you a ‘Closer’? If not, here’s why…

No matter which way you look at it – we’re all selling something to someone.

Whether we’re talking to a customer or meeting with a business partner? You’re selling. You could be trying to get someone to help you with ideas or have someone invest in your business – You’re selling!

Uncertainty is a powerful tool that can be used to open the door to a sale as potential customers are coming to you for certainty and advice in your field.  However, one thing that will definitely kill any deal, is someone who isn’t clear on what their customer wants and needs.  If your client/customer still remains uncertain, they will not bite the bullet and close the deal with you.  They will go away and think, get other opinions. They won’t hand over that big check. They will not take action!

This is why certainty is a powerful tool used to seal a deal… it doesn’t matter WHAT kind of deal or sale it may be.

Most people try and offer opinions.  However,  leveraging opinions to persuade a person to choose you and your product won’t be enough.

Consider using something with more surety, more factual.  Consumers like to see proof! Never underestimate the value of testimonials, research and factual information such as statistics. 

After giving factual certainty, we then need to add anticipation of how your service is going to help the person you’re selling to.  How can their concern or challenge be addressed? What benefit are they going to get if they choose to close a sale with you? As a result, you go engage into a conversation about the future of your client, all framed in the context of  helping them.  The important thing is to remain sincere.

Doing this has given the person a trusted advisor… YOU! Remain focussed on their best interests and give them greater confidence as to why your services are their best choice.

If you need the tools to convert your sales, you’ve come to the best place.

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