Commitment, Your word is your bond

COMMITMENT, Your word is your bond

Are you finding that people don’t take you seriously? Do family, friends and business associates describe you as someone who gets the job done? Do you hear yourself saying ‘one day I’ll do…’ or ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow’?

Many of my clients struggle in this area. It’s human nature to have a list of goals that you’d like to cross off the list.  Most people have the best intentions and set goals they want to accomplish, whether it’d be business or personal related. 

It’s a common trait in people to put things off and procrastinate.  Life seems to fill up with the smaller things, pushing away the things that we had originally set out to do.

Perhaps you’re daunted by the task! How many times have you set a goal and been overwhelmed by it?  You’ve gone all out and told your friends or family that you’re going to do something AMAZING, but it never eventuates.  How does that make you feel?  My guess is that you would feel frustrated and probably judged with what people might say behind your back.

It’s common knowledge that if you go out telling people that you’re making big decisions and promising to take on massive tasks, you’re setting yourself up to fail… and the vicious cycle of self-doubt, lowered self-esteem and lack of motivation continues. 

This is why I’ve incorporated the Successful Habits training into the Personal Power Override program.  Making small commitments to yourself is the first step. Don’t tell anyone about it… it’s just a small commitment that you make to yourself… no-one else.

Doesn’t have to be anything major… it could just be waking up every day at 5am, or not eating that chocolate bar.  But if you start out with these smaller goals and get comfortable with accomplishing them, your self-esteem will improve… Then you can add a little bit more. 

But be aware! This can also work in reverse! Imagine a rock.  What happens if you have one small chip? Then another small chip… then another small chip! The rock is going to crack and disintegrate. It’s the same when implementing your goals. If you make a small mistake – you have a ‘day off’ from your diet – it’s harder to keep the momentum.  The incline starts to become a decline.  All your progress will eventually unravel, taking you back to square one.

Remember, the smaller things amount to the bigger things.

The question is, are you ready to work on your personal development?

Our Personal Power Override program is the ultimate for any individual who wants to get started in business.  Or perhaps you want to get clarity on how to operate as a person first.

People are often excited by the idea of change, but struggle when it comes to actually doing it.  

Getting conditioned to what needs to be done and preparing for what is to come is essential if you want to become successful.

Personal Power Override program is designed to:

  • re-train your brain to nurture successful habits
  • break the patterns of disruptive habits
  • get Powerhouse ready with meal plans and nutrition guidelines


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