Getting you know your audience

How Do I Get To Know My Audience?

How well do you know your consumers and existing clients? It’s pretty safe to say that most people don’t.

You can never have enough knowledge and understanding of your target audience.  Their wants and needs are what generates your income and should be your highest priority.

There’s no point creating content and fancy logos and websites without having a clear understanding of your ideal target. Your ability to clearly identify where their needs overlap with what you’re offering will be the tipping point of whether your business succeeds or fails. Without this knowledge, you could end up trying to sell the wrong product to the wrong consumer.

Understanding your audience is the first thing you need to get a handle of in order to gaining higher conversions, referrals and branding identity.

With that in mind, here’s a few key points to how you can get a better understanding of the age group, gender, interests and opinions of your ideal audience so you can better customise your marketing and products to attract the correct consumers.

Conduct Surveys

There are heaps of great services such as Survey Monkey and Google Consumer Surveys to assist.  Although it’s good to get reviews on what your client think about you and what they’ll say to your face, we want to know what clients and customers are going to say to OTHER existing clients and prospect customers.

With review sites like Yelp and Amazon, it’s easy to check out what your customers really think of your products and services along with competitors.


So many platforms have their own analytics… Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. With just about everyone being on social media, you’d easily be about to do audience research.

We’re going to take a look at Twitter and Facebook, as they both have their own analytics services, which can help gain some valuable insights.

Once you’ve sussed that out, what’s next?!

Segment and customise your copy

Whilst your target audience might be drawn to a common product, they are very diverse as individuals. People respond favourably when they feel valued. No one likes to be treated like cattle and treated like just another number.  People like to be acknowledged as an individual and should be treated as such.

Being specific with your content and getting to the point works wonders.  You might have an umbrella topic – let say ‘marketing’ for example.  Your focus in your business might be website optimisation, however you have some subscribers who want more information about managing social media, plugin recommendations and so forth. 

Sure you can stick to the plan of only distributing content about marketing.  However, the needs of your clientele is something a little different but still in alignment with your industry.  If you can segment your audience and create copy for each of these segments, you’ll see an overall incline in your audience across the board instead of seeing a good increase in just one area. Which then widens your market and appeals to a larger demographic, creating a larger funnel, resulting in greater opportunities for conversions.

So how committed are you to understand your audience? Your success as an entrepreneur depends on these decisions.


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