Starting the Day Off… Hard!

You want success? You need to develop mental toughness. Having the resources is only part of it… if your mind is a mess then you’ll be scattered all over the show.  Understanding the psychological benefit to streamlining your thought process will help stack the odds in your favour.

Training your mind is just as important as training your body.  Creating that mental toughness is what gets me out of bed each morning, gets my ass to the gym for your workout.  Conquering that workout is conditioning my mind to overcome a physical challenge that is difficult and extremely uncomfortable… but completing this every morning tells my brain “I WIN!”
Make the choice to be driven by your goals rather than by fear.

Just think “Do the hard S*&t… then everything else will seem easier”.  This hasn’t always come easily to me.  I had to work f*&king hard to change my thought process.  Hitting rock bottom, being homeless, being left with nothing was the scariest experience I’ve ever faced in my entire life.  I wasn’t speaking with my family, I had no money – I was in massive debt.  This was MY ROCK BOTTOM! 
Having to combat the negative feelings I had about myself, feeling the failure, feeling everyone’s eyes on me at my ultimate lowest point was absolutely sickening.  But this was also the turning point for me.  This is where I had to face the hard hitting facts… I was the one who got myself in that situation… and sure as s*@t, I was the only one who could get myself out of it! ME… NO-ONE ELSE. 

It was time to level-up! And to do this I needed to take the initial first step and condition my mind. It was time to build resilience to get me through the s%&tiest time of my life. It was time to take back control of my life. Find the warrior mindset within.

It’s all about discipline

Mental toughness boils down to one thing: 

  • Discipline…
    Discipline is about having structure, routine… not letting the small stuff get in the way of the more important things. Choosing the right decisions – eating healthy, exercise etc.
  • Practice…
    Being conscious of your thoughts and making sure you’re getting the most out of them. Don’t let the fear creep in – this then leads onto other things like anxiety and depression.

The best way to master your discipline is to tie it to your purpose. Have a life quest that is more important than anything else in your life.

Then, when you have a decision to make that requires discipline, remind yourself of your purpose, and tell your brain that if you are not disciplined you will fail your purpose. By linking the outcome of your purpose to discipline, you rewire your brain to make the best decisions for you.

To get more info on the system that got me to this point get in contact with me a message via our contact page.

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