Learn About Your Audience… Then Remove the “L”

How much you learn, affects how much money you can earn.

School education is important, but hands-on experience is just as important if you’re wanting to increase your income.

You may have heard the saying ‘Knowledge is Power’. But how you gain that knowledge is just as important as what you are learning. If you are wanting to get ahead and up-skill in your current business, there are some key points to consider.

Whilst university education is highly valued, this does not necessarily guarantee success.  Personally, I have learnt over the years that the diversity of my experiences and the opportunities offered from other great people have been a huge attribute to my success and increasing my income.  

Types of learning methods:

Formal learning via school education and courses

Going to a class, studying material and then being tested on how much knowledge has been absorbed and retained.

Social Learning via exposure 

Meeting people, observing interactions and how to behave in a particular environment.  (Also known as ‘behaviour modelling’).

In my opinion, this type of learning is great for identifying the common practices and skills utilised to increase your knowledge and understanding, reaching the next level in your journey.

Having a mentor to learn from will encourage the information to be retained… and somewhat ‘imprinted’ for a longer time period.  Getting into a habit will condition you to automatically respond with the necessary form of action.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the ‘learn by doing’ style. Working in a new field, or on different projects and observing how it all works by examining it closely.

It can be frustrating at the beginning but getting to understand information at a deeper level, piecing it all together and seeing how it all works first-hand is priceless. People that have learnt using this methodology know how to navigate new situations because they have fully understood the process, cause and effect of the system.

Focus on the three E’s: Education, Experience & Exposure

So, when opportunities arise, have a balanced mindset and don’t just look at what you will earn, look at the potential experience and exposure. Those experiences can have unlimited potential and value to your success.

You must remember, you are more valuable than even you know. 

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