The Importance Of Nurturing Relationships, Qualifying People & Connections You Meet

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Becoming an Entrepreneur requires building your brand, building your audience, building your network. 

If you’re wanting personal and business development, it’s important to get involved with people who can challenge you, inspire you and give you a different perspective and varied experiences.

Here’s what you need to know…   

Qualify your network, connections & associations

Choosing Your Associations

The saying goes ‘You become who you surround yourself with’, your friends,
your associates in business – subconsciously growing and constantly evolving. 

So, it’s important to have integrity and hang around people who also have integrity, who work to resolve any conflicts that may arise – building respect and TRUST.  

Trust is the Foundation of ANY Business Deal

You need to be working with people you can trust, have upstanding respect, loyalty, encouraging honesty and transparency.  

Building rapport online is so different to building rapport in the old traditional business setting. Back in the day you’d walk into an office building, chat-up the receptionist (who is usually the ‘gatekeeper’ and is studying you like a “frozen caveman”), look at people directly and shake hands, ‘man-to-man’.  Your mission is always to set a strong foundation for any introduction with a good rapport before engaging in business. 

You couldn’t just dive head-first straight to the money and expect to get down to business.
You had to ‘wine and dine’.

Whereas today – Social media has made interaction very impersonal.  Qualifying your audience means that you’re qualifying people to see if they’ll be interested in buying your product or service BEFORE the point of you making direct contact with them… usually via a strategy / funnel.

Just think… even when you’re on a platform such as facebook, you’re generally more likely to accept a friend request based on whether a close friend of yours is also connected to that person.  You qualify them without knowing it by rationalizing that if your first ‘original’ friend is a good person and has all the qualities you like in someone, then chances are they would have surrounded themselves with people who are equally as nice, or as decent.

But it sometimes seems disingenuous when you automatically receive an invite to ‘like’ their business page immediately.  Sometimes, you need to sift through to find genuine people who are truly unique and are good, quality people.

LinkedIn has become renowned for getting constantly DM’d with a sales pitch.  It is always important to structure your DM’s with a pleasant introduction that shows genuine interest in the person.  Don’t jump into the sales pitch right away.  

Keep in mind, we are constantly selling people who we are as a person, what we do, how we add value to their lives and in business.  

First Impressions Are Everything

People remember how you made them feel when you first met them.  So how much more important is it to make sure you start your initial introduction with the utmost care not only when ‘DM’ing, but especially when talking to someone on the phone! 

Do you have a set script, or do you ‘wing’ it?  Have you thought about different ways to respond if the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’? How is your tonality? Do you really listen to what they have to say? Can you empathise with their circumstances? Is your product or service going to benefit them in a positive way?

The individuals who are enrolled in my 6 Figure Partners group go through extensive training where I reveal the robust systems and precise execution that has all your sales training requirements covered…


  • Establish and cultivate rapport  
  • Understand your customer
  • Build Trust
  • Prepare for Every Conversation
  • Adapt to Conversation Changes
  • Handle Objections

And the most important skill of all….

How To Close The Deal!

To learn more about the 6 Figure Partnership Program or any other courses, send me a DM via any of the social media pages. Alternatively send me a message via the CONTACT link.

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