Why entrepreneurs say ‘YES’!

Are you a 'glass half full',
or 'half empty bottle'?

When taking the massive steps towards entrepreneurship, you need to definitely be prepared to be faced with and take risks. Yes, risks can either come with disappointment… but they can also come with rewards!

Saying ‘yes’ to the things that are scary can push you through and out the other side of your comfort zone. If you’re one of those people who never ‘yes’ to anything, how are you going to learn anything new.  Entrepreneurship requires constant progression and change… and you’re the one who’s got to have the motivation to push not only yourself, but those who you are looking to inspire. 

"Life is a lot more fun when you say yes!
It's amazing how that one little word can lead you on an incredible adventure".

Richard Branson

As they say "opportunity favours the bold"...

Opening up to new challenges and opportunities
Waiting until you feel comfortable to accept or pursue opportunity leaves more space for them to pass by. If you’re open to move past your comfort zone and embracing a new challenge will enable natural growth and development.

"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later!” - Richard Branson

Invites collaboration
Saying ‘yes’ opens up positive possibilities and invites peers and groups to build something more special together, creates partnerships and engages further discussions.

Empowers and affirms others
By saying ‘yes’, you’re affirming others suggestions and ideas by validating that you’ve heard what they’ve said, you’re paying attention, and showing that they matter. Giving a big fat ‘yes’ also sends the signals of trust, which is empowering to others.

Creates an environment that encourages safety to try new things, learn, fail and innovate
Having a risk-tolerant environment encourages innovation - welcoming new ideas and using success and failures as ways of further education and learning opportunities. Let's face it, saying yes makes life more fun and fulfilling.

Imagine if someone like Richard Branson kept saying ‘no’.

"...something that I use in the business is the PSO process, where we start with the psychology phase, which is helping someone find what their purpose is, helping them develop the mindset, the beliefs..."

Andy Williams

Recent Podcasts...

I recently went live with an absolute legend, Andy Williams.

Andy is a well-renowned high performance coach, entrepreneur, Speaker and Special Forces Army Veteran. Since leaving the Army he has dedicated his life to helping people discover their true purpose and help them push beyond their potential.

We discuss and unpack how a crisis can be the thing that gets us moving. Moving away from pain into pleasure brings about action and change in a person’s life, how psychology and vision provides the grounding and foundation for us to move toward an outcome.

The importance of being happy in what a person does and how being fulfilled is the whole key to one’s journey.

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