TODAY – Step up and be more

When it comes right down to it, almost everything in life is a choice.

Every single minute of every single day, we are faced with choices and decisions. This is both a great truth and a hard lesson because it put emphasis on the fact that we are in charge of our own power.
Not power over others, but the hidden, untapped power that lies beneath the surface to be our best selves and forge our dreams.
From the moment we are born we have been bestowed the power to manifest our future. Our future is determined by the choices we make, don’t make, or leave in the hands of others to make for us. If we are unhappy with the present we are living in, we can create a new one – the power lies within us all.

Our future success is not the result of just one single monumental decision or choice. It is the result of a continuous series of choices made every day of our existence. Those choices don’t just impact us in the moment, they flow on and echo throughout our professional and personal lives like a ripple across a pond – or rather, like an enormous lake.

Some might argue that we have no control of a situation or do not choose our circumstances.  However, we have more power over our current circumstances than we care to admit. Even if thrusted upon us, we all have the capability to make a conscious choice with how we respond to them. Some of the most inspiring stories are of those who overcame extreme challenges and chose to become successful.

Here are just a few choices we can make to have a successful life:

1. Create your own destiny 

We don’t get to choose when we leave this life, but we can choose how we live it. Find your dream and a purpose that stirs up motivation and you are passionate about and commit to achieving it.

2. Believe in yourself 

Trust your instincts. Acknowledge and recognise your own strengths. Dare yourself to achieve it. You ARE good enough, smart enough and strong enough. Follow your vision.  Know you CAN!

3. Discipline yourself 

Success isn’t just handed out on a platter. You need to earn it. Anyone who is successful will affirm that they put in countless amounts of effort to achieve a successful outcome.  When making success choices, stretch yourself, set high goals and work harder than everyone else.

4. Live in the present 

This is a hard for some…the past is history and can’t be changed. Don’t stress about what’s to come or what may be, it hasn’t arrived yet. Just live in the present, concentrate on the things you can control, and take one small step at a time toward accomplishing your goals.

5. Choose what’s right

When in doubt, ask yourself these two questions: 

“Am I compromising my integrity with this choice?” 

“Am I using common sense and good judgment?” 

Sometimes, doing the right thing might result in a temporary loss; but overall, it puts you way ahead.

6. Surround yourself with knowledge and support

The most successful people get help from those who are knowledgeable and have skills they themselves lack. Success is quickened for both parties
when having a mindset that encourages teamwork.

7. Take calculated risks

When you choose to take a risk you also accept the chance to fail. In making this choice, you learn. If you aren’t getting out of your comfort zone and choosing to take a risk once in a while, then you simply won’t learn and grow.

8. Don’t give up

Where you are in life is temporary; where you end up in life is permanent; how you get from A to B is entirely up to you. It’s not easy to keep motivated when you are going through challenges. Your persistent drive and determination is what will make all the difference.

9. Accept yourself for who you are 

Wearing a mask is emotionally exhausting. Have confidence in yourself, even if nobody else is choosing you. Once you choose to accept yourself, then and only then can you work moving ahead.

10. Take action 

The most successful people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination. They are full of eagerness, passion, and productivity.

Your choices will not always guarantee you success, but they will open up more doors, and each choice you make thereafter will widen a little more each time.

The choice is yours…
Today – Step up and be more.

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