How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

Do you keep hearing the same old objections again and again?

Let me think about it…

Let me speak to my wife..

Do you have any split pay options?

Send me some more information..

Send me a proposal and let me look it over..

I’ll need some time to think – can you call me back?

Do I need to pay the whole amount up front?

Annoying right?!!!

Like you’re in a business and aiming to grow and expand as quickly as possible you need to be ringing the cash register as often and as high amounts as possible true?

You need to be making sales and converting clients into your products or services.. That doesn’t often happen when they think about it and.. Jeez those payment plan options really mess with cash flow..

So what’s the issue here?

Have you ever heard of the Reticular Activating System?
Yes that part in your brain that recognises and sees what you want it to see.. You know the old car analogy.. You want to buy a particular car and then begin seeing it everywhere..

Kinda like that but how your RAS coupled with your subconscious mind amplifies your own self bias and will continue to present you with more of what you believe to be true about yourself and life in general.

So in short.

If you want more full paying customers – FULL PAY YOURSELF

If you want more decisions made on a call – MAKE A DECISION YOURSELF

If you want more decisiveness – BE MORE DECISIVE

If you want more organisation within your staff – BECOME MORE ORGANISED

If you want better presentation standards – RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

If you want clients to invest – INVEST IN YOURSELF

If you want more testimonies – GIVE MORE TESTIMONIES

If you want people to be on time – SHOW UP ON TIME

The sooner you understand this intricate relationship between these two worlds the quicker you will collapse the frustration of incongruence and “Why don’t they just buy now!?”

It all starts and ends with you, this is one of the core fundamentals of business. Outside of marketing, sales, funnels and online advertising. Understanding this and taking consistent action on this DAILY will deliver exponential value to you in your business growth..

If you struggle with incongruence and want to work alongside me book a quick call with me here and I’ll share with you how I was able to turn things around massively for me and go from living on the streets to living in congruence and winning BIG

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