Hard Times Create Hard People

What makes something too difficult to handle?
A prerequisite of growth is challenge.. However when the VOID between an entrepreneurs
current competence and required level to complete said new task is too great, a place called
overwhelm is reached..

Your brain goes into a frantic search scouring the situation for something to connect a known
narrative to make it KNOWN, your pupils dilate, blood flow to the brain is restricted, your body
heats up, movements become erratic and irrational and your throat closes up.. Fight or Flight Mode Engaged.

The Animal Inside Is Awake
How to overcome that scary state of overwhelm and reach a place of equanimity, peace and
rational problem solving you might ask?

That’s where you’d rather be right?
That place where problems seem to melt away, you seem to utter all the right words, all the
problems that are presented to you seem to be easy to solve and of course you get the
recognition and praise you deserve as a leader and an entrepreneur with a powerful vision..

Fairytale land or is that actually attainable for longer than a split second?
If you’re anything like me you’ve experienced those moments of genius, where everything
seems easy for exactly that.. A MOMENT!
But is it really possible to sustain?
Can you really be constantly in that Einstein mode where everything is solvable and overwhelm
is non-existent?

I think no..
In order for you as an ambitious leader and entrepreneur to grow and scale FAST..
(I’m guessing that’s what you want to do right?) I’m sorry to say but there needs to be significant
periods of time where you are experiencing that brain swelling overwhelm.. Where you are so
far outside of your “Norm” that everything is foreign and you feel thrown from your comfort

As if an infant again stumbling and bumping as you try to pull yourself up on the table edge to

take your first step, only to fall and knock your head on the wheel of your tricycle..

So many things are being learnt through that experience.. infants internal monologue
“Wow this is what the leg of the coffee table feels like”
“This must be a surface they call wooden”
“Hmm it tastes straenge”
“Why is this in the middle of my play area anyway?”
“If I can just get to the top I’ll be able to see Mums phone”
“I didn’t know my legs could do that”
“There was some milk left on this table”
“Wow that glass is cold on my tongue”

Can you relate to that in your business at all?
Just finished a huge presentation with a client and looking to secure a new contract or deal..
Entrepreneurs internal monologue

“I wonder if our staff can handle that”
“What would happen if they cant”
“Hmm I’ve heard about this outsourcing thing”
“How much sleep am I currently getting”
“What are the margins on the project”
“I really should eat something”
“Long term – think long term, does the company need that much pressure”
“My competition would see that and be jealous.. Let’s do it”
“What if I fail”
“Where would I end up then..”
“What would my partner say”
“What would my mentor tell me?”

Familiar? I know for me it is..
I want to introduce a phrase to you that will become your MANTRA in these periods of
overwhelm.. Are you ready?


Repeat that over and over again with belief and conviction, repeat it and know that the time you
are spending in this overwhelming state is sending your brain into search mode, new synapses
are forming faster than you can imagine and the next time you dip into a void of similar
magnitude you will be equipped with the tools and the neural hardwiring to formulate a strategy
and see the steps in the darkness to build your way out.


It’s through this exact process, experiencing overwhelm, formulating your own reference point,
building a narrative from what you have assessed and then developing a strategy moving

Experience is the best teacher and you dipping yourself into the void of the unknown is going to
teach you more and give you as many calluses as possible.

It’s important to understand and remember that, in order for you to be paid the sums of money
that you so desire and long for. You will be required to solve more and more complex problems.
So if you are ever in a state of longing for “Things to just get easier”

You need to do a quick check in with your WHY.. If you are looking for easy and safe and
predictable, then the entrepreneurs trail may not be the path you were made for..

No judgement.. But it’s important to align yourself environmentally and business wise in a
position that is supportive of your WANTS.

– Sasha Karabut

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