Two Online Superpowers

No not the Mansion and the Rolls Royce..

Not the jacked biceps and shredded diced abs..

Not the annoying retargeting ads that follow you around wherever you go..

Not the ability to geotag your competition and actively target their customers with ads..

Not proprietary tools to ethically steal entire private FB group lists..


Those things are cool and play a very important game when it comes to marketing, however I’m going to let you in on a secret this morning as I’m writing this,  I’m finishing my second coffee since waking at 2:30AM.. These two tools will stand above ALL of these widgets and plugins.

You can use it whether you’re a marketer, a business owner, a sales person, an entrepreneur as you’re building your online presence.

I’m going to share with you a handful of powerful strategies that will make your launch online a shorter, smoother and less anxiety ridden experience.

I wish someone shared these with me when I did my first videos online.. WOW that was scary!

One of the most frequent objections and issues I hear amongst my clients while creating content for any of their social media is: “I feel so weird speaking to the camera” “It’s hard, I just look at my face staring back at me” “What are people thinking of me” “I don’t even think I sound that good really.. 🙁 “|

This is so common as you begin to build an online brand, and the reason for that is, lack of connection to the person on the other end of the camera.. “Yeah ok Sasha – I’m staring at myself in the selfie cam BRO, am I supposed to get all connected with myself ???”

Not quite.. But much in the same way as you would when you have a conversation in your company, in your career, or in your personal life with a real person. Your brain quickly ascertains who the person is you’re speaking to and will regulate change language patterns, your body language will adapt and change, your speed and pitch of your speech will regulate to that person and you will become somewhat in SYNC – AKA (RAPPORT)

In EXACTLY the same way online – you will DOMINATE if you can hold a mental model of the person you would classify to be your “Audience” and get into a tight state of rapport Ie. Business owners VS. Stay at home dads. These languages and vernacular between these two men aged similarly are WILDLY different.

Therefore.. TIP NUMBER ONE for online domination is:


Study them, understand them, collect data on them through emails, surveys, phone calls and research.

Understand their Pain points and also their Desires and ambitions – where do they want to get to and what are the current pains they are experiencing in the state they are in right now..

Here’s a BONUS TIP: The person that can understand and articulate through content (video or written) the pain of your audience the most accurately demonstrates and can demonstrate the knowledge/understanding and PROOF of a solution wins.

That’s it – GAME OVER.

If you want to connect deeply with your audience on a level that will compel them, draw them in, attract them like a massive lead attracting magnet simply know who you are talking to and everytime you pick up your camera with a selfie cam record. Attach to them. Put yourself in their shoes and speak their language.


One simple, simple word.. CONGRUENCE.

What does that mean?

Simply put – its where you are known for one thing, and consistently preach nothing but that. Across social media, website, speaking in person, blogs, emails, sales funnels EVERYTHING lines up with your ONE THING.

I call this the ONE THING – ask yourself this when you’re about to create something online..

Does this line up with my ONE THING?

Does this contribute to the growth of my ONE THING?

Does the realisation of said goal make me more of an expert in the ONE THING area?

Being known as all things to all people is a surefire way to be known as nothing to no one.. And furthermore have the pricing structure as a no one..

Become the expert, Become known for one thing, Be 1000% congruent in all forms of marketing and online presence and watch your audience grow!

If you want to learn more about how we can help you with your online strategy, you can schedule a call with me here  or one of my team here and we can map this out for you. – Sasha

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