3 Strategies Drum Up More Sales Online

Online sales is quite a different beast.

Thinking about selling online is kind of forein especially to entrepreneurs or salespeople who are conditioned to working in person. Gauging rapport and interaction face to face or over the phone in comparison is quite easy. How people respond determines the next step right?

Like you can ascertain what people are thinking based on how they react and their response to what you say. It’s simple.

Online sales is different – you don’t have the luxury of instant feedback. It takes time. It takes and DATA and often expenses behind it to test how an online platform sells.

The key to online sales is communication of your message.

How people read and interpret what you say “Conversational Selling” will determine their reaction.

Being able to communicate exactly what it is that you do to your audience will determine the efficacy of the sale. This starts with first knowing your market. Knowing your value proposition and being able to communicate it in a way that is of value to the market you are looking to sell to.

The first strategy to deploy and begin seeing more sales online is to increase the amount of content you post.

Content is the bedrock of all online presence – it builds trust. It builds rapport with the audience based on how they find you, how they perceive you and how they can relate to your story through your content.

Think about this – human beings are story based creatures. We relate to stories. We connect to another person’s story and we build tight, tight rapport with another person based on where they are from and if their journey is similar to ours.

Therefore you should curate and create content that is relevant to your market. Speak to them as if you were speaking to them face to face. Connect with them and sell them conversationally.

That is the key..

An essential part of creating content online is to have a CTA – a direction or a place to go for your audience. If you do this right and run a strict control for 2 weeks of posting a particular message directed at a pain point of your audience you’ll see a response.

Takeaways to Conversational Selling Through Content:
1. Post Daily for 2 weeks to develop a “Control”
2. Have a CTA (Call To Action)
3. Have a split test (An alternate variation of messaging that can be deployed for the second week to test the rests)

Base your tests on DATA – this won’t lie. You won’t be fooled or biased by your own agenda if you purely see this as an experiment. Remove the emotional connection from it and simply create, post and monitor.

DATA to be based on ENGAGEMENT = likes, comments, views etc.

This is the foundation of online sales – post often, post authentically and take your time to understand the market you are speaking to

Strategy Number 2 for Online Sales:


If you have only one product/service that you provide to your market you are missing so many people that may need a different level offering at a different stage in their buying journey.

If you have recently transitioned online and have a service or product based business that has existing customers. One of the biggest focuses you should be putting your attention on right now is creating secondary offers, lower ticket offers that can be consumed very easily and can eventually be nurtured up to your core offer.

Great offers in the current market to effectively do this:

  • Webinars (can sell from the end of a webinar)
  • Masterclasses (free model, leading into a low ticket subscription model)
  • LIVE training calls and value giveaways (LIVE calls done consistently and giving value which lead to a sale)
  • Joint Ventures with people in the same industry who contribute to your companies brand
  • Low ticket community based products Community based products/services are in HIGH demand right now – creating a community and leveraging from the US vs THEM mentality will provide a sense of closeness and wholeness to people who may have lost a lot.

It is your duty to be able to accomodate someone exactly where they are in their buying cycle. If you do not have a product for them that is right someone else will sell them into something.

This is your DUTY.

Strategy number 3 to increasing online sales –

DATA – this is the key to effectively selling offline and online. Whether in a sales call or through a webinar sale. The DATA -The feedback from the customer on the experience, what they like, what they don’t like, where they fell off (trackable through online subscriptions such as vimeo, wistia, everwebinar) must be optimised for selling online.

DO NOT just continue posting or using the same strategy over and over again and expecting a different result – Einstein said it best. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

THE ultimate way to gather data and REAL information (if you already have customers) is to ask them. WHY – why did you buy from me as a pose to anyone else.

HOW did your message, your offer, your product or service speak to them in a way that made them say “THIS IS FOR ME” extract that from them and use that valuable gold in your marketing and sales to continue speaking more and more to them and attracting people that have bought already. This is PROOF hard proof of concept.

Don’t play the guessing game – if you have competition (EVERYONE DOES) who’s doing something similar to you – see what they’re doing and model it. They have taken the hit and have got arrows in their back so that you don’t need to.

Implement these strategies now and start increasing your sales online today!

To get some 1-1 help from me or my team implementing or customising these strategies for your business you can contact me direct here – Sasha

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