Business Growth Simplified

Feeling a little tired by all the newest strategies and revolutionary tactics all of a sudden “DISCOVERED” by the latest self appointed “GURU”?

Worn out by all of the marketing and social media strategies that you’ve tried all to no avail?

Feeling like you’re slipping behind in the craze of the digital revolution and not sure where you’ll land?

Hey – It’s ok..

That’s the life you chose.. Remember that, no ones got a gun to your head and is pushing you to do anything you don’t want to. If at any moment you want to stop, quit or throw in the towel that’s completely up to you.

The only damage caused is going to be that of your ego and the feeling of “becoming less of the person you think people see you as”

But it’s ok..

Now if you’re still here and you haven’t tapped out and thrown in the towel. Which I would think would be contrary to why you started. I want to simplify these murky waters and make clear to you what you should be focusing on in your business growth.

The TWO keys to growth. That’s it. TWO – not 7 or 9 or 10

All growth is ultimately determined by:

  1. More customers – (VOLUME)
  2. Customers spending more – (AOV+Multiple Purchases etc)

Quite often what happens when you’re down in the weeds – you get so lost and caught up in the details.. “If I can just tweak this Social Media strategy and make a slight change to the way the sales team approach customers on the calls.. Imagine the impact”

This is the danger of the details and being so down in the micro that you get lost in small tiny nuance changes that really won’t affect the big money needle.

Here’s the thing. The only two things that will drive your business growth into the stratosphere is..

Having such a huge pipeline that is so chock full of qualified leads that any one of your salespeople can get on the phone and close them..

Sounds good right?

Now in order to do this effectively you need the correct TRACTION strategy. Where is the most cost effective platform/channel for generating new leads for you.

Depending on your business and size there are a multitude of hot spots. Here’s some of the most common (I would recommend doing market research on your niche and seeing what is working and where your competitors are NOT putting their budget.. Test these for 30 days at low budget and then double down on where the most ROI comes from. You’ve found your hotspot.

  • Facebook ad
  • Google ads
  • PR Campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube
  • Content marketing/Organic Marketing
  • Linkedin
  • Blog Posts
  • Twitter
  • FB groups
  • Webinars and free promotions
  • Live events
  • Direct mail
  • SEO

These are some for you to execute on. Set your path for the next 30 days and promote your business and your content across these channels and MEASURE closely the ROI. Wherever the most nectar comes from.. Like that grizzly bear after honey.. Dig deeper into that honey hole.

– FREE TIP. You actually need to do the work!

Turning customers from $ into $$$$$

This can be done through multiple means as well, some of the top two mechanisms for increasing customer value are.

1. Increase your prices (know your value + charge accordingly) clients and customers retain and receive value from you in direct proportion to what you charge. Who wins Business owner A) Charges market rate $100 – speaks to 1000 leads, closes 40.. Revenue $4000 Business owner B) Charges $3000 – speaks to 1000 leads, closes 40 revenue $40,000

  • clients who receive product A) Probably dont look twice at the product or value at all..
  • clients who receive product B) pay a premium, value the product/service, use it more and actually get results.

2. Increase amount of orders (upsells, cross sells, down sells, upgrades, premium offers & special packages) This can be done through an automated sales funnel – creating a ascencion model whereby the entire product/service line that you and your company has been strung out on a ladder sequence from least expensive to most expensive.

This takes advantage of the “Second Sale” the first sale is always the hardest to make – you are leaving money on the table without a secondary offer at the minimum!

These two are the MAIN keys to increasing cash flow.
If you need help ascertaining your value ladder and building out the structure for what it would look like to have a completely automated sales funnel you can also have my team assist you and provide some strategies for your business HERE

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