Donuts VS Weight Loss

Often the dichotomy of change can be polarising…

You want to do something new – you want to achieve a certain outcome or desired result, getting to that new illusory goal or promise land is going to take a different version of play from you.

What can happen when you are so tied up in the desire and not the progress/doing the work when it comes to the time taken to actually see a result – you fall off.

It’s like binge eating and smashing an entire 12 pack of donuts.. Eating a box of krispy kremes is next to some of the greatest feelings on earth. SO tasty and genetically bio engineered to hack your brain and nervous system… the sugar rush, the insulin spike, the overwhelming rush of endorphins and flooding of glucose through your body it feels incredible…

However what often comes after you’ve indulged in a 12 pack of those is you have the REGRET.. Right?

That soul crushing regret where you feel terrible you question everything around you, question yourself as a person, have reflections and flashbacks to when you were a kid and used to go hungry.. And how your mum used to tell you that you must eat every last bit of food on your plate.. So that’s what you do, you ate the entire box!

These are the fundamentals of the Matrix of change..

When the desire and the commitment to the result that you are seeking to achieve is not strong enough and you are not in on it 100% you will break the committment.. You will break the diet, you will spend the money you are trying to save, you will destroy yourself on drugs again and relapse (hopefully not this extreme) but the loss will occur.

So how do I change this and become a person of integrity and power?

It’s simple..

Ready for it?


Do not utter a single word if you are not willing to put in the work required to action and see it through to finality.

Your word is like a brand that is seared into your subconscious mind, if you want to become great at anything and really truly change FAST you must first cultivate the commitment to change.

Here I’ll map out the Matrix of change for you.

  1. PAIN or struggle of the current situation (feeling crappy, overweight, not enough money, not enough skills to be paid, no wife, no husband, unhappy)
  2. DESIRE – desire for something new, promise land, shiny object.
  3. INSPIRATION (when the desire is strong enough it elicits inspiration) *that tingly feeling where you feel motivated and energised.. You’ve felt that right?
  4. COMMITMENT – (Commitment this is where a decision is made) *I’m going to do something about my weight, I’m going to work harder and make some more money.
  5. ACTION – Action first in the form of speaking (telling people, saying what you’re doing, then moving, physiology, then finally BUYING) once you’ve spoke about it, stepped up, picked up the card/phone/went to the shop you BUY)
  6. LEARNING – Learning is where you begin to upskill yourself, skill acquisition, try new things, approach things from a different angle, read, study, work towards something.
  7. GROWTH – Growth is where the change happens, this is where over time you build the skills, see the change, push through challenges and discomfort and work towards the goal that you wish to achieve..

What can ruin this and destroy any progress – Lack of Commitment, If the commitment is not strong enough everything falls apart.

You drop off the Matrix of change and you consistently cycle through the
PAIN → COMMITMENT section of the Matrix repeatedly.

Each time the COMMITMENT gets weaker, and the PAIN gets stronger.. You become less and less of what you could become and more and more of the anxiety, the fear, the overwhelm and the PAIN ultimately.

So the solution to this in the long term is essentially forge IRON commitments.. Then have the discipline to follow through on the consistently until you see a result.

Without this the anxiety, the overwhelm and the lack of self esteem takes over and you become a person of low self worth, you don’t respect yourself and you don’t have the power to forge a new path for yourself or your business.

If you’re struggling with change in any form, financially, business wise, personal growth or overall feeling stuck.. I get it. I’ve been there for years and I know how terrifying it can feel.

If you need support or help with this at all – I’ve attached a link here where you can schedule a call in with me

To your growth.

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